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PDF Of When Things Fall Apart Rich Book

Pdf NameWhen Things Fall Apart Book PDF
Pdf Page172
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AuthorChinua Achebe
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When Things Fall Apart PDF
When Things Fall Apart PDF

When Things Fall Apart Summary

A brave man named Okonkwo lived in a village named Unmuofia in Nigeria. And he used to belong to the Igbo tribe, it had its own customs and religious rituals.

The man was very strong and worked hard. He once defeated a wrestler whom no one has been able to defeat till date, so the respect of that person had increased in the whole village. The man felt a lot of embarrassment because of his dead father because his father was very weak and spent in such comfort. When his father died, Okonkwo was heavily indebted.

But gradually Okonkwo had made himself very rich and had also paid off all his debt. The story of this book has been written in the author about the story of a person.

In this book, the author has described the techniques and methods in which we can convert our problems into opportunities and become successful. The author has pointed out whether there are ups and downs in life, happiness and sadness, a person has to face them, sometimes while facing them, a person loses his temper and he has to suffer loss. In this the author has described about this.

When Things Fall Apart Free PDF

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