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PDF Of The Power Of Now

Pdf NameThe Power Of Now Book PDF
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The Power Of Now PDF
The Power Of Now PDF

Summary Of The Power Of Now

Today I am going to talk about three very important and beautiful points that I have got from the book The Power of Now by a catholy. it is one of the best seller books and it is known as one of very spiritually and lighting book is the power of now that book essentially fix about the importance of the living in the present moment.

The first and the most important point that I feel that I have red from that book and understood life is just a series of present moment. there are two days in life very and you cannot do anything that is yesterday and tomorrow so if you just give your realise we are most of the time regretting about our past or we are too much worried about the future or two much excited about the future that we should get to leave in this present moment. it is very very important to know what you are doing right now, how do you feel, do you enjoy this moment, even if you feeling the pain just be in that pain to know that just getting awareness about your mind. you know just try to start watching your mind as a second person what you thinking what you are doing just feel and just be in that moment feel bad when you just realize. I am thinking about the past and regretting don’t judge your mind don’t feel bad about it just stop that thought and just be in that moment it is very very important to live in the present moment to enjoy this person women so that tomorrow you are not going to regret about this today that you had waste your thinking about the past and you know most of the world. that we have in our mind are not going to really actually happened in the future so why do we start may happen or it may not happen even if it happen if you cannot control alright then why should you worry today what change it will have make in your life make in your life so that’s a very important point. 

Second Very most important point is all pain is the resistance to the things that you cannot change. so if you have a pain if you feel very much pain that is because you are trying to change something which we cannot change there are lot of things in this world which is beyond or control which we cannot control leave that let it go and you just focus on this person moments so that this person mom and when you take an important and performs step you are going to read a beautiful future so don’t try to rest is things that you cannot control what is in your control is your own thought process is your own thinking level so be in this moment and enjoy this beautiful moment. 

Third very important point is that you can free yourself from pain by constantly observing your mind and not judging your thought. so we keep judging yourself. we keep judging others a first thing where you can you change a thought processes within one day you cannot bring this thought process of leaving in the awareness are living in this moment constantly. you have to come into an awareness and when you come into an awareness change your thought process leave the past and start living in this beautiful moment. it is like you know you are walking in a beautiful garden and you are not able to see the beautiful garden all the flowers or the butterfly is flying There And the beautiful you know win that glowing on your face but you are just saying about the fast overing about the future and tomorrow maybe nothing happens as a problem in the future and you will regret about that beautiful moment and you had wasted in your life.

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