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PDF Of Storm King’s Thunder

Pdf NameStorm Kings Thunder Book PDF
Pdf Page47
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AuthorColleen Hoover
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Storm King's Thunder PDF

Storm King’s Thunder Summary

This is an action-packed adventure, which, under certain preconditions, can be seen as a sandbox. Storm King’s Thunder hits many right buttons when it comes to both adventure design as well as DM friendliness. Starting from the second, no matter its length (in some other time and age it would have been called a campaign), it is extremely easy to read and understand, as well as peruse during the sessions. It is logically developed, with the DM understanding the backstory and the overarching structure before hitting each chapter with its different encounters. The overall backstory is complex but not overbearing. It follows up on events from previous adventures (namely Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat), giving a nice sense of accomplishment to those who have already completed them. They are not necessary however in order to enjoy the present one. By its conclusion it may or may not alter giant society in certain ways, yet it will probably not have an enormous impact on the rest of the world. I enjoyed how, at the end of the adventure, the PCs have managed just that: they have fended off a destabilizing factor. The feeling is the same of winning a war: just because the war is over, doesn’t mean that problems have been solved. The plot hooks that arise from such an approach are enormous. DMs who wish to follow up on this with their own adventures beyond level 10 will have a blast.

I enjoyed how action does not necessarily center on the PCs. They are not participating in every major event themselves. If in other adventures this sidelines the players in favour of the designer’s favourite NPC, in this adventure it lets the adventure breath. In one of the many clever twists, players run not only their characters but also NPCs, and even more so average Joes whose only objective is to survive a giant attack. In another instance they will play giants themselves. It is very refreshing to see a group change pace, and, especially in the former case, perceive the world of D&D through average people and not through optimized adventurers. The adventure does not railroad the characters, even though it is at times heavy-handed in transitions from one place to another. What the characters are conceptually doing is exploring the North of the Forgotten Realms, while slowly being more and more invested into what is going on. The DM that wishes to intersperse other side quests or adventures in-between the prescribed ones, should do so with ease. Even more so if he wishes to amp up a bit the characters’ competences and level, in order for them to have more of a fighting chance. TPKs might happen (oops!), they however can be addressed without creating new characters, something that is of importance taking the lethality of most encounters into account. This adventure means business when it comes to fighting.

Storm King’s Thunder PDF Download

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