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Periodic Table PDF :- Friends, today in this article of ours, we will inform you about the Periodic Table Elements List. Also, you can download the PDF file of this list from our website.

Periodic Table Of PDF

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Periodic Table PDF
Periodic Table PDF

Periodic Table Of Elements

Periodic Table :- The table made by systematic classification of elements is called periodic table. Elements are grouped on the basis of their properties in the periodic table. A total of 118 elements have been discovered so far. Some of the elements discovered are natural and some are man-made. Till now, efforts are on to discover and create new elements.

It is very difficult to study the chemistry of so many elements and their numerous compounds separately. To overcome this difficulty, scientists classified the element. So that systematic study of the chemical facts of elements and their compounds can be done with less time and less effort and can also help in the study of elements to be discovered in future. That was the main objective of the classification of elements.

Modern Periodic Table

Modern Periodic Table : – In the year 1913, “Moseley” told that the square root of the periodicity of the X-rays obtained when an electron of intense K is fired on a metal is directly proportional to the nuclear charge of the corresponding metal atom.

Modern Periodic Law :- In modern periodic law the physical and chemical properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers.

That is, if the elements in the modern periodic table are placed or arranged in increasing order of their atomic number, then after a certain interval of order, the properties of those elements are repeated.

The inert gases were arranged in the periodic table at the far end of the modern periodic table, that is, group 18.

The Periodic Table PDF

You can download The Periodic Table PDF from here.

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