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Othello PDF
Othello PDF

Othello Summary

A young man named Roderigo meets his friend Iago. The one who keeps on talking about two sides. And he complains why he was not told about the marriage of Desdemona and Othello.

Roderigo himself also desired Desdemona. But now he is very disappointed to hear the news of her marriage to Othello.

Desdemona was the daughter of Brabantio. Who was a minister of the Duke of Venice. While Othello was the Duke’s military general.

Even Brabantio did not know about their marriage.

Iago hated Othello very much. Because he had given the rank of lieutenant to his friend Cassio instead. And he wanted to take revenge on him.

Iago tells his friend Roderigo not to worry. And very soon he will introduce him to Desdemona forever.

He then tells Roderigo to go and tell Brabanzio that Othello has taken his daughter away.

Hearing this, Roderigo sets off towards Brabanzio’s house.

But on the other hand, Iago goes to Othello’s house to tell him that Brabantio was about to arrive. Thus Iago was a double-faced man walking both sides. The one who used to talk on both sides.

When Roderigo tells Brabantio about his daughter’s marriage, he explodes with rage.

Summary Of Othello

He leaves at the same time to go to Othello’s house.

But when he reaches there, he finds Duke’s security guards standing there.

They brought the Duke’s message for Othello. Actually Turk army was coming to attack their island Cyprus. And the Duke sent for Othello.

Brabantio, seeing the Duke’s guards, says nothing to Othello. But he thinks in his mind that in front of the Duke, he will tell about Othello’s misdeeds.

Due to which he will be insulted in front of the whole assembly and will also be punished.

Othello then goes to meet the Duke.

Brabantio also follows him to the Duke’s palace.

At the court of the Duke of Venice, Brabantio accuses Othello of having taken possession of his daughter by a spell. And has eloped with you and married.

Then he says that Othello should be punished severely.

But hearing this, the Duke and the rest of the ministers ask Othello to present his side.

Othello says that he has not done any witchcraft on Desdemona. Rather she fell in love with him after listening to his war stories.

They have had a love marriage. Hearing all this, everyone gets convinced and does not take any action against Othello.

Brabantio gets angry with all this and starts to leave. But while leaving he says that the way Desdemona has cheated me, may God one day she cheat you too.

Iago takes note of this.

Shakespeare Othello Summary

After this, the Duke tells Othello to take the Venice army to Cyprus island and fight with the Turk army there and defeat them.

Othello, having received this order, leaves for Cyprus.

He is accompanied by Desdemona, his new lieutenant Cassio, Iago, and Iago’s wife Emilia.

Emilia was Desdemona’s servant. And Iago wanted to use him in his plot.

Othello and everyone else reach Cyprus.

Then the governor Montano there tells them that a storm has ruined the ships of the Turk army. The surviving Turks had fled.

Hearing this, Othello and everyone else become happy.

Othello arranges a feast and goes to his room with Desdemona.

From behind, Iago gives his friend Cassio a lot of wine.

He then tells Roderigo to start a fight with Cassio.

Roderigo does just that. And a sword fight starts between the two. Just then governor Montano comes there and tries to rescue them both.

But in the meantime Cassio accidentally injures him.

Then Othello comes there and inquires about the whole incident.

Iago tells it as if it were all Cassio’s fault.

As punishment, Othello strips Cassio of his rank. This leaves Cassio very disappointed.

Later Iago tells him that Desdemona is very kind. Go to him and request him to talk to Othello and get his rank back again.

Cassio agrees to this.

Iago then approaches Othello and plants the seeds of doubt about Cassio and Desdemona’s relationship.

He says that he has seen them both together.

Othello Book

One day Desdemona drops her handkerchief. This handkerchief was given to him by Othello as a gift.

Iago’s wife Emilia picks up the handkerchief.

But Iago demands the handkerchief from him. Emilia gives him the napkin. But he had no idea what Iago was going to do with the handkerchief.

One day Iago again tells Othello that Cassio has secretly visited Desdemona.

This makes Othello suspicious of both of them. And he tells Iago that he will kill Desdemona and Cassio as soon as he gets the evidence.

He then gives Iago the rank of lieutenant. Which previously belonged to Cassio.

One day Iago hides Desdemona’s handkerchief in Cassio’s luggage.

He gives money to a girl named Bianca whom Cassio likes. And one asks to lie.

He then tells Othello that he will talk to Cassio about Desdemona and her affair. And you secretly watch his reaction.

Just then Iago starts talking to Cassio about Bianca. Cassio also talks about meeting her secretly.

But Iago speaks so softly that Othello thinks he is talking about Desdemona.

This deepens his suspicion.

Iago then brings Bianca after Cassio leaves.

She says that Cassio has betrayed her. He had given her a gift. But that gift was already given to him by another girlfriend.

Then Iago, finding it in Cassio’s luggage, shows it to Othello.

Othello recognizes the handkerchief. He had gifted that handkerchief to Desdemona. He thinks that Desdemona gifted the handkerchief to Cassio.

He takes the handkerchief as evidence of Desdemona and Cassio’s affair. He feels that his father-in-law’s words have come true. Who said that one day I wish Desdemona would cheat on him too.

He gets very sad and angry. And tells Iago to kill Cassio as soon as he gets the chance.

Iago then visits Roderigo to make his next move.

Roderigo says that he has given Iago so much money but he still has not been able to introduce him to Desdemona.

Iago says that he was about to do so. But now Cassio has Desdemona trapped in his love trap.

He convinces her to kill Cassio. Then Desdemona will be his.

Roderigo agrees to it.

One night Cassio was on his way back from meeting his cheating girlfriend, Bianca.

Just then Roderigo attacks him in the street. He covered his face with a mask.

But Cassio injures Roderigo. And also takes a look at it.

But then Iago attacks Cassio from behind and wounds him and escapes into the darkness.

Just then some people come to help Cassio.

He says that Roderigo attacked him.

Iago thinks that Roderigo will now be arrested. And he will take his name. He could also be punished for this.

Plot Of Othello

So he quickly goes after Roderigo. And kills him by stabbing him in a dark alley.

He then blames it all on Bianca.

Elsewhere in the house, Othello accuses Desdemona of infidelity. And strangles him to death.

Just then Emilia comes there. and screams for help.

Montano and some soldiers come there. Iago also arrives.

Othello tells everyone about Desdemona’s infidelity. And shows that handkerchief for evidence.

But Emilia recognizes the handkerchief. This handkerchief had fallen somewhere from Desdemonia. which he picked up. Then her husband Iago took that handkerchief from her.

Emilia understands that this is all Iago’s handiwork.

She tells the real story of Rumal in front of everyone.

This makes everyone aware of Iago’s plot. But then Iago stabs Emilia to death.

Othello realizes his grave mistake. He had killed his innocent wife. He starts wailing.

Then suddenly he stabs Iago in a fit of rage. But does not kill him.

Othello states that Iago is worse than an animal and wishes that he suffer for the rest of his life.

After this, Montana and other soldiers arrest Othello and Iago.

But Othello commits suicide right there.

Governor Montana then declares Cassio as Othello’s successor.

And says that Iago should be given the harshest punishment.

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