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Summary Of Macbeth

King Duncan of Scotland receives news that both his generals named Macbeth and Banquo are returning victorious in their respective battles. He defeated the armies of Ireland and Norway.

While Macbeth and Banquo are on their way, they meet three witches. He made predictions for both of them.

He said that Macbeth would be made Thane of Cowdar (a higher rank). And one day he will become the king of Scotland.

He told Banquo that he would never become king. But someone from his future generation will become king. After this the three sorceresses disappeared.

Macbeth and Banquo were taking the words of the sorceresses as a joke. But then the messengers of King Duncan arrived.

He congratulated both the generals for their victory. And also told the news that Macbeth has been made Thane of Cowdar.

Summary Of Macbeth

Now Macbeth is confused about the witches’ prophecies. He went to meet King Duncan at his palace. King Duncan said that he would come to Macbeth’s castle of Innervness for dinner.

After reaching home, Macbeth told everything to his wife Lady Macbeth. But also said that he does not believe in all this. Because he can become king only if he kills Duncan.

But Lady Macbeth said that she had complete faith in the words of the witches. And he said that Macbeth should kill King Duncan.

Then he told a plan.

When King Duncan would come to their house for dinner, they would get his servants drunk. When intoxicated, they will not remember anything. Then kill King Duncan and put all the blame on those two servants.

When Duncan arrives at their house, Macbeth murders him as planned.

But when he reached his room, he saw an illusion of a flying blood-soaked dagger. He got scared by this. But Lady Macbeth tells him to come to his senses.

When Duncan’s body was found the next morning, the two servants were blamed. In a fit of rage, Macbeth killed the two servants as well.

After this Macbeth was made king.

Both of Duncan’s sons thought that whoever had killed their father. Now he will try to kill them too. That’s why both fled to Scotland.

Malcolm went to England. and Donalbain Ireland.

Summary Macbeth

Macbeth has become king. But he began to fear the sorcerers’ prophecies. According to which Banquo’s descendants were about to become kings.

So he sent soldiers to kill Banquo and his son Fleance. The soldiers killed Banquo. But Fleance managed to escape.

At the royal banquet at night when Macbeth comes to dine, he sees the ghost of Banquo there. This caused him to have a fit of insanity.

Lady Macbeth tried to calm the situation and said that she has been having such attacks since the beginning. But there were whispers among the royal people.

Some already believed that Macbeth had killed King Duncan. And now they were holding him responsible for Banquo’s murder as well. Macbeth became somewhat worried seeing his ministers etc. speaking against him.

The next day Macbeth visits the witches in the woods. And asked them to tell his future.

He told him to be careful with his commander Macduff. Because he had opposed his becoming the king from the beginning.

But then he told Macbeth that unless a forest named Birnam Wood came near his fort

Till then no one will be able to kill him. And second – no human being born from the womb of a woman will be able to kill her.

Macbeth was overjoyed to hear this. Because the jungle never moves. And all human beings are born from the womb of a woman.

Arriving home, Macbeth asks his soldiers to fetch Macduff. But the soldiers came back and told that Macduff had gone to England. And Malcolm’s got it.

Hearing this, Macbeth went mad with anger. He sent soldiers to kill Macduff’s wife and children. The soldiers killed Macduff’s entire family.

Macbeth In Summary

When Macduff learns of the brutal murder of his family, he is plunged into deep grief. But then he vows to seek vengeance.

Prince Malcolm had made a big army by now. Macduff joins hands with him. They then set out to attack Macbeth.

In this Macbeth’s ministers also support Malcolm. Because they were fed up with Macbeth’s growing madness and senseless murders.

Meanwhile, Lady Macbeth got sleepwalking. He started having fits of madness. He often saw blood on his hands. One day she commits suicide. Macbeth is deeply shocked by this.

Then he gets the news of the arrival of the British army. He secures the fort. and prepares for battle. He had full faith that he would win. Because the sorceresses had said that he will not be defeated until the forest named Birman Wood comes to his fort.

But then Macbeth sees that Malcolm’s soldiers have brought down branches from Birman Wood. Hiding in them, they had reached the fort. This shocks Macbeth. He did not think that Birman Wood could reach the fort this way too.

After this a fierce fight breaks out. Macbeth fights very bravely. But Malcolm’s soldiers outnumber his army. Soon the English army captures the fort.

Macbeth then encounters Macduff. Macbeth says that no one can kill him. Only he can kill the one who is not born from the mother’s womb.

Then Macduff says that he was not born of the womb. Actually his mother had died before his birth. And he was taken out from the dead mother’s womb by cesarean section. Macbeth is shocked to hear this and panics.

Then there is a fierce fight between the two. But in the end Macduff decapitates Macbeth with his sword.

After this, Prince Malcolm becomes the king of Scotland. He expresses his desire for the development and progress of the country in front of the public.

Macbeth PDF Download

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