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Integration Formulas List :- Friends, today in this article of ours, we will inform you about the list of Integration Formulas PDF. Also, you can download the PDF file of this list from our website.

Integration :- The part of calculation is the most important part in maths and this part covers about 44% of maths. This part includes equation parts such as differential integral power derivatives. The most important part of this is integration. Which is very interesting and complex. For the study of integration, we need its formulas, that is, it is impossible to solve the problem of integration without a formula.

Integration Formulas PDF
Integration Formulas PDF

Integration Formula PDF

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What Is Integration

What is Integration :- Integration is the opposite process of differentiation and integration is also called inverse differential.
To find the integral of a function f (x) means to find a function f (x) whose derivative is f (x). Some special facts regarding this are as follows.

  • Integral : The function whose integral is to be found is called integral.
  • Integration : The method of finding the integral of a function is called integration.
  • Integral : The function whose derivative is integral is called the integral of the integral.

Types Of Integration

In general, integration is classified into four major parts. So, let us study the integration formulas according to the classification.

  • method of Transformation
  • Method of Substitution
  • Method of Parts
  • Method of Partial Fractions

Integrals Formula

Sr. no.IntegrationFormula
1cosx.dxSin x + c
2Sin x.dx Cos x + c
3Sec2x.dxTan x + c  
4Cosec2x.dx– Cot x + c  
5Cosecx.Cotx.dx– Cosec x + c
6Secx.Tanx.dxSec x + c
8∫Xn .dxx(n+1)/n+1 + c
9∫nx.dxnx/loge n + c
10∫ex.dxex + c
111/x .dxloge ।x। + c
121/√x .dx2√x + c
13∫1/√(1-x2) .dxSin-1 x + c  Or
 Cos-1 x + c
14∫1/√(1+x2) .dxTan-1 x + c Or
 Cot-1 x + c  
15∫1/।x।√(x2-1) .dxSec-1 x + c Or
 Cosec-1 x + c
16(f+g) .dx∫f.dx + ∫g.dx
17(f-g) .dx∫f.dx – ∫g.dx
18(f×g) .dxMethod Or Formula
19(c×f) .dxc∫f.dx
20(f/g) .dxMethod Or Formula
21tanx .dx log ।secx। + c
22Secx .dxlog ।secx + tanx। + c
23Cotx .dxlog ।sinx। + c
24∫Cosecx .dx– log ।cosecx + cotx। + c
25∫logx .dxxlogx – x + c
26∫Sin-1 x .dxx Sin-1 x + √(1-x2) + c
27∫Cos-1 x .dxx Cos-1 x – √(1-x2) + c
28∫Tan-1 x .dxx Tan-1 x – 1/2 loge(1-x2) + c
29∫Cot-1 x .dxx Tan-1 x + 1/2 loge(1-x2) + c
30∫Sec-1 x .dxx Sec-1 x – loge [x+√(x2-1)] + c
31∫Cosec-1 x .dxx Cosec-1 x + loge [x+√(x2-1)] + c

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