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How To Download Form 16 :- Form 16 is a document or certificate known as salary certificate issued by the employer company to the employees in India as per section 203 of the Income Tax Act 1961. This certificate contains complete information about the income tax and salary deducted by companies from the salary paid to their employees in a particular financial year.

What Is Form 16

Form 16 Income Tax :- Form 16 is given to you by the company where you work and in this complete information about the TDS deducted on your salary is received when the company deducts the TDS and submits it to the Income Tax Department.

How To Download Form 16

Form 16 Download PDF

Form 16 Download Online :-

Pdf Form NameForm 16 Application Form
Pdf Page7
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You can download the Form 16 Application Form from here.

Types Of Form 16

Types of Form 16 :- Apart from Form 16, there are two other types of Form 16 which are available for income received from sources other than your Income.

  • Form 16A
  • Form 16B

Form 16a

Form 16 A :-  Form 16 is a TDS certificate which shows the income tax deducted by your company. Whereas the same and Form 16A is a certificate of tds applicable on the income you receive other than your salary. Such as TDS on interest received from fixed deposits deposited by you in the bank and TDS on receipt of rent of your house or shop, TDS on your insurance commission or any such information of your income on which TDS is deducted from you Form 16a is given in.

Information to be given in Form 16A :- Form 16A The following information is given.

  • TDS deductor name
  • Know
  • pan card
  • TAN and challan details of TDS deposited

Form 16B

Form 16b :- Form 16b contains the certificate of TDS deducted by you on the sale of property you have sold. The buyer has to deduct one percent TDS from the amount given by him to the Income Tax Department to buy the property, after which the buyer has to deposit this amount with the Income Tax Department and give Form 16B to the seller of the property.

Eligibility For Form 16

Eligibility For Form 16 :- As per the rules issued by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, every employed person who comes under the TDS limit is eligible for Form 16.

If a person does not come under the rules of this TDS, then the company cannot deduct TDS on his salary and the employees cannot ask for Form 16 from the company.

How To Fill Form 16

How to fill Form 16 :- Form 16 consists of 2 parts in which Part A and Part B

Part A :- In the part of Form 16, you have all the information related to yourself and your company such as

  • Employee’s name and address
  • Information about tax deducted on employee’s salary
  • Employee’s PAN Card Number
  • TAN and PAN of the employee should be recorded
  • The date on which the taxi is credited to the account of the Government
  • Information about the tax deposited and deducted with the Income Tax Department

Part B:- This is an important part of Form 16 in which the following information has to be filled.

  • First of all, it is made about your salary.
  • Information about tax exemption in your salary
  • Salary breakup information related to your salary
  • Information about tax exemption under Income Tax Act
  • What other exemptions and reliefs did you get under section 89?

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