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Hamlet Summary

Hamlet is a tragic story. In which there are many characters. This story is written by Shakespeare.

Hamlet was the prince of Denmark. One day it was being said in Denmark that its king had been bitten by a snake and had died.

Later, when the king died, the queen of Denmark and Hamlet’s mother married Claudius, the king’s brother.

After all this, 2 soldiers saw the ghost of that king roaming around in the fort. After which Prince Hamlet comes to know about this. Hamlet himself wanted to see that ghost. So Hamlet went to that place and he himself sees that ghost. After which the ghost talks with Hamlet. And it is said that I did not die of snake bite, but my younger brother poisoned me and killed me in his desire to become king. After this the ghost of the king asks to avenge his death and disappears.

Hamlet sets out to avenge his father’s death.

 But before taking revenge, Hamlet wanted to confirm what the ghost had said. That’s why Hamlet started pretending to be mad. Hamlet began to say that he hated all girls. He doesn’t want to see any girl. Hamlet also tried to commit suicide.

Everyone got upset seeing his condition. Hamlet’s mother was feeling very bad seeing this condition of her son.

No Fear Hamlet

Polonius felt that his daughter Ophelia was responsible for Hamlet’s condition. That’s why Polonius started keeping watch on Hamlet to know more about his condition.

Along with Polonius, the king and queen also put two of their friends behind them to find out about Hamlet.

Dramatizing madness, Hamlet presented a play in the king’s court. In this drama he showed how the king’s brother killed the king by giving him poison. But everyone was told that the king had died of snake venom.

Claudius was remorseful after seeing this drama, due to which he left the court with his wife.

Seeing the king leaving like this, Hamlet understood that the story the ghost had told him was true. Hamlet was very angry after knowing the reality of his father’s death.

Angry Hamlet went to the Queen of Denmark i.e. his mother and started talking to her.

Hamlet was very angry with his mother for marrying her husband’s murderer. Hamlet scolded his mother a lot.

Hamlet was so angry that his mother felt that she might kill him.

During this conversation, Hamlet suddenly heard the sound of moving curtains in the room. So they thought it was none other than Claudius.

Without thinking twice, Hamlet drew his sword across the man behind the curtain. In a misunderstanding, Hamlet stabs him with a sword. Due to which he died on the spot. When the man comes out from behind the curtain, Hamlet learns that the man is not Claudius but Polonius.

Hamlet felt very bad seeing Polonius in this condition. But whatever the case, a human had already died at their hands. Danish law was very strict.

Therefore, to save Hamlet from this punishment, Claudius decided to send Hamlet to England.

Where he had already given the message to his men to kill Hamlet there. But that letter had somehow reached Hamlet’s hand. So Hamlet put the names of the two boys whom Claudius was sending with Hamlet instead of his name in the letter.

No Fear Shakespeare Hamlet

Hamlet was deeply saddened by the death of Polonius. Because Polonius was not only a brave soldier but also Ophelia’s father.

Hamlet is informed a few days later that Ophelia has taken her own life in grief over the death of her father.

Hamlet was considering himself responsible for Ophelia’s death. But this was absolutely wrong because what happened to Hamlet was just an accident. But Hamlet still wanted to go to Ophelia’s funeral.

That’s why Hamlet goes to Ophelia’s heart. Laertes was very angry seeing Hamlet there because because of Hamlet both Laertes’s father and sister died in this world.

The conversational quarrel soon turned into a scuffle. King Claudius stopped both of them and said that even if you both want to fight! So fight like a real warrior.

Hamlet accepts a sword fight with Laertes. Hamlet and Laertes take their swords.

Claudius told Laertes that if you want to kill Hamlet, apply this poison on the tip of your sword. Then as soon as this sword inflicts any wound on Hamlet’s body, Hamlet will die.

Hamlet Book Summary

This game of sword fighting has started. Hamlet was fighting pretty well! During the fight, King Claudius offers Hamlet a drink. But Hamlet refused his offer saying that now he will drink only if he wins after this fight.

Hamlet and Laertes were having a great fight. Laertes slashes Hamlet’s body with his sword. At the same time, Queen Gertrude drank a drink full of poison, due to which she died.

Seeing the queen dying like this, Hamlet understood everything and killed Laertes with his own sword and then killed King Claudius with the same sword.

In this way Hamlet had avenged his father’s death, but by then Vish had spread on his body too. Seeing his friend Hamlet die like this, Horatio decided to die himself.

But Hamlet stops them by saying that he must tell the world what happened to Hamlet and the king. In this way Hamlet died avenging his father’s death.

Hamlet, written by Shakespeare, has a sad and tragic ending.

Hamlet PDF Download

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