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Frankenstein Mary Shelley PDF

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Frankenstein Book PDF
Frankenstein Book PDF

Frankenstein Summary

Frankenstein is considered to be the beginning of science writing in world literature.
This masterpiece of English had received a rare honor. Mary was a 19th-century English novelist and playwright best known for her novel Frankenstein.
Mary started writing this novel only at the age of 18. And when she turned 20, it was published. Written in the Gothic style, when first published on 1 January 1818 by Mayer & Jones, a small London publisher, it attracted the attention of English readers because of its bizarre plot and butt style.
When its first edition was published, Mary did not give it her name and it was published under an unknown name.

Frankenstein Story

When Robert Walton was going towards the North Pole in his sea ship, initially everything seemed fine, but gradually one day the ship reached a place where there was frozen ice all around. Because of the frozen ice, now the ship could not go any further.

But then Robert Walton sees that a man was going with the help of his sledge. And the dogs were driving his sledge. That man’s name was Victor Frankenstein. But Victor was feeling cold due to which his health had deteriorated. Then Golden saw him and brought him inside his ship and where he did first aid and gave him hot food to eat, due to which Victor’s condition improved a lot.

After this Victor started telling his horror story to Walton.

Victor grew up in Geneva. His childhood was spent very happily.

When he grew up, he went to study at Ingolstadt University located in another city.

His interest was in Biology, Chemistry and natural philosophy.

Meanwhile, a desire to know the secret of life arose in his mind. Day and night he used to think that what is it to be alive after all! What comes out of a dead body in such a way that it becomes dead.

Can he be resurrected? He was often immersed in similar thoughts.

After many years of research, he finally found the secret of life.

Frankenstein Mary Shelley Summary

One day he made a man’s body by joining the parts of some dead bodies.

Then put some chemicals in it. And finally made him alive by passing electricity.

But when that dead body woke up alive, Victor was very scared.

Due to the effects of chemicals and electricity, he looked like a scary monster.

Monster was constantly looking at Victor.

This scared Victor so much that he ran away from his apartment.

On the way he met his friend Henry. He asked Victor the reason for his being so disturbed.

But Victor could not tell anything about the monster he had created.

And only said that his health is bad. Then Henry again dropped her at her apartment.

Victor noticed that the monster was nowhere in the house. He tried to sleep but he could not sleep.

Gradually he became ill and he also got fever.

Victor was very remorseful as to why he had created this monster.

He decided to go to Geneva to live with his family. so that he can become healthy again.

But at the same time his father receives a letter in which it was written that someone has murdered his younger brother William. After which Victor quickly walks towards the house. On the way there is a forest where his younger brother William was killed, then at the same time Victor sees a glimpse of the monstar there, from which I understand that William was killed by the same monster.

Frankenstein Mary Shelley Summary

Then Victor reaches home. There he sees that people were accusing a girl named Justine of William’s murder. Justine was adopted by Victor’s family as a child.

She was a very kind and pious girl.

But despite Justine’s repeated refusals, she is sentenced to death.

Victor starts burning in the fire of remorse. The monster he created had taken the lives of two of his dearest people. And since Victor had created the monster, he was feeling guilty for both these murders.

Instead of recovering at home, he became more ill. His life had become a horror story. Then he thought of spending a few days in the mountains and went there.

One day when Victor was passing through the glacier, the monster came to him.

He admitted that he had killed William. But she urged Victor to understand her mental condition.

He attacked William because he was very angry and angry with Victor.

He wanted to teach Victor a lesson. Because Victor had brutally abandoned him by making him a monster. Victor had despised his own creation.

Monster was all alone in this world. People used to run away from far away seeing him.

Even Victor ran away seeing her. The monster was angry because of this.

He requested Victor to make a partner for him. Who should be exactly like him so that he does not run away after seeing him. And he gets someone’s company.

Initially Victor refused. But the monster finally convinced him by crying out for his loneliness.

Then Victor went to the island named Orkney. There again he made a dead body of a female by joining the body parts of the dead people. He was just about to kill her when he looked out of the window.

There he saw a monster standing there who was smiling at him.

Suddenly Victor realized his mistake. He had become so sad and upset because of one monster, so it could have been worse if there were two monsters.

Thinking of this, Victor destroyed the dead body kept on the table by setting it on fire.

But when the monster saw this, he went mad with anger and sorrow. He told Victor that he would come to meet him on the day of his wedding.

Summary Of Frankenstein Mary Shelley

When Victor goes back home, he sees that his friend Henry had also been murdered.

He also sees the monster’s fingerprints on Henry’s neck.

But Victor is suspected of Henry’s murder.

And he is arrested. Victor becomes even more sad and upset mentally.

He is later released due to lack of any evidence.

He again goes to live with his family.

One day he gets married to a girl named Elizabeth.

On the wedding day, Victor suspects that a monster might come to kill him.

As he had spoken. He sends Elizabeth to the safe room and waits for the monster himself.

But after some time, the sound of Elizabeth’s scream comes.

Victor goes to the room and sees that the monster killed Elizabeth.

Victor is overwhelmed with grief.

He goes back to his house. One day his father also dies due to grief.

Frankenstein Mary Shelley Summary

Now the dam of Victor’s patience breaks. He takes an oath that he will find and kill the monster.

He collects the necessary supplies and sits on a dog-pulled sled and goes north in search of the monster.

At one point he had reached very close to the monster. But then the ice explodes.

This creates a gap between monster and Victor. And the monster goes ahead.

At the same time Victor finds Walton.

You will remember that Victor was telling this story to Walton only. Which was going from the ship towards the north pole.

Victor ends his horror story here. And says that when the weather is fine, he will go out in search of the monster. Now his aim was to kill her.

But before this Victor’s health worsens and one day he dies.

Walton puts her dead body in a room. He wanted to send her to her family in Geneva.

One day Walton is shocked when he walks into the room where Victor’s body was kept.

Monster was moaning sitting beside Victor’s body.

He tells Walton that he has only suffered since he was created.

He is alone in a crowded world. No one wants or loves him.

He also hated himself for killing people. And repentance too.

After this he says that now that his creator is no more in this world, he also does not want to live. Saying this, the monster goes towards the mountains with more snow.

So that he may die of snow and cold.

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